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Unique, custom-built services designed to increase Well-being and achieve the outcomes you visualize and desire to make sustainable, lasting behavioral changes.
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One of the most important relationships you will ever have is a relationship with yourself. The conscious development of the whole self involves your satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness: spiritually, physically, financially, occupationally, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. Do you want to experience greater wellbeing in ALL of these areas especially during or after a challenging time of change & transition?

The Wellbeing Harmony Coaching package is a solution-based & results-oriented coaching process for increasing and mastering your wellbeing in EVERY dimension of your life. While some people may want more physical wellbeing and health, others may want more financial wellbeing and money, emotional wellbeing and stability, or greater wellbeing in their relationships and social circles. The truth is the development of all of these areas is necessary to be your full self. This program is uniquely designed not only to help you build self-awareness and confidence but to increase and elevate your level of satisfaction and fulfillment in all of these areas.

How is this achieved?

We work consistently together for 6 months (26 sessions) to execute long-term, powerful goals and short-term strategies to achieve the outcomes you visualize and desire and make sustainable, lasting behavioral changes.

By the end of 26 sessions you will:

  1. have a greater overall awareness and confidence in who you are as it relates to the 7 dimensions of well-being, where you currently stand in each dimension, and where you want to be.
  2. have the results of your Energy Leadership assessment that outlines what drives your perceptions, feelings, and actions so that you can recognize and change habits and patterns that do not serve you well
  3. have executed strategic action plans to improve your satisfaction and fulfillment in all dimensions of wellness
  4. be able to respond, not react, to the stressors in your life in the way that you desire
  5. identify the inner and outer blocks that were preventing you from making progress
  6. have the ability to navigate transitions in your life without thinking, without worrying, without fear, and without hesitation

Recommended Schedule:

  • Sessions 3-6 Physical – healthier habits for sleep & stress management, nutrition, and healthy eating, exercise, and improving self-esteem in body image
  • Sessions 7-10 Financial – increase satisfaction with your income, reduce debt, build savings, create an investment portfolio
  • Sessions 11-14 Occupational – increase motivation & enrichment in your profession or identify areas better suited to skills and abilities
  • Sessions 15-18 Emotional – effectively identify, manage and, express your feelings and emotions AND Social – build relationships with family, friends, significant other and partner, coworkers, society
  • Sessions 19-22 Intellectual – engage in more activities and hobbies that increase the stimulation of your mental capacities
  • Sessions 23-26 Spiritual – a deeper connection to your personal mission and purpose, your unique gifts, values, relationship to God, and/or a higher power

This package is for anyone:

  1. burned out and overwhelmed individuals who desire a multi-dimensional view and understanding to reconnect with themselves and their wellbeing
  2. who is looking for a fresh start after a difficult period in their life that has greatly affected their wellbeing- “quarter-life crisis”, global pandemic, divorce, etc.
  3. who is going through a major or minor life event or milestone – moving to a new city, becoming a new parent, graduating, starting a new job, etc.

What’s included in the package:

  • 1 x 90-Minute Wellbeing Evaluation – Introductory Session
  • Energy Leadership™ Index (ELI) Assessment and Debrief Session
  • Additional 60-Minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions
  • Unlimited Email and Private Messaging Support
  • Pre-Session Questionnaires
  • Post-Session Summary Notes and Recordings
  • Weekly Assignments and Challenges
  • Seamless Onboarding Process and Secure Login for Self Management
  • Automated Scheduling, Appointment Reminders, and Billing

Click here for a complimentary coaching session that will give you:

  1. a simple and practical definition of wellness and wellbeing
  2. an understanding of your current state of satisfaction and fulfillment in an area of your wellbeing
  3. defined your ideal state and specific, desired actions you wish to take to raise your satisfaction
  4. an understanding of how the coaching process works to get you from point A to B

“What Energy Are You On? (ELI Assessment & Debrief)

The Energy Leadership Index (E.L.I) Assessment is an attitudinal assessment. This assessment measures your level of energy based on your attitude, perceptions and worldview.

The assessment reveals the specific filters you’ve developed and how they are influencing your life. It also uncovers the thinking and perceptions that might be creating stress or holding you back from achieving your goals. 

The assessment measures two elements:
1. Your Energetic profile, which is your typical energy on a normal day.
2. Energetic Stress Reaction, which is your reaction to triggers.

The goal of is for you to:
1. have more awareness of who you are and how you act
2. understand what drives your perceptions, feelings, and actions so that you can recognize and change habits and patterns that do not serve you well.
3. be able to respond, not react, to the triggers in your life in the way that you desire
4. be able to choose the Energetic Stress Reaction and Energetic Profile that work for you to get the results you want.

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Living Financially Well Training (1:1 & Group Consulting)

Individuals have a set of attitudes, values, and beliefs regarding money, both positive and negative. Learn how to examine your beliefs, adjust your mindset, and establish a personal philosophy around money management and personal growth.

By the end of the session you will have:
1. connected your experience around your personal financial wellness to the National Wellness Institute’s (NWI’s) Six Dimensions of Wellness Model
2. Identified and analyzed thoughts which are preventing your personal financial wellness.
3. Evaluated at least one method for changing your thought barriers to financial wellness.
4. Created a plan to improve your thoughts around money and improve your financial wellness.
5. Understood the essential elements of budgeting and debt elimination and reviewed how that plan aligns with their thoughts and behaviors.
6. Access to free, private 1:1 financial counseling from the Foundation for Financial Wellness, a non-solicitous, wellness organization.

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