When you see or hear the word Wellness or Wellbeing, what comes to mind? Do you think of a soothing spa day, calming meditation, or the slightly more expensive organic produce in the supermarket? Does Wellness mean health? Are these terms the same or completely different altogether? 

Honestly, it all can be a bit confusing.

Wellness and Wellbeing are everywhere these days. You’ll notice it in carefully crafted corporate statements and worksite programs. You’ll notice it plastered above the vitamin aisle in your local pharmacy. And it makes sense because the global industry itself is estimated to be a whopping $4.4 trillion! 

The ever-increasing use and emphasis of these terms is a positive thing as more people become aware of their health, particularly at this moment in human history. But given its ubiquitous nature, one of the main challenges is there isn’t a common definition or understanding of what it is. And unfortunately, if Wellness and Wellbeing mean everything, then Wellness and Wellbeing mean nothing.

Let’s get on the same page and simplify this. Here is how I like to look at it.

Wellness is our personal journey toward a holistically healthy lifestyle. 

It’s not just about our physical health. It includes our financial health, our emotional and intellectual health (aka our Mental health), our occupational health, our social health, and our spiritual health. All of these areas of our lives are interconnected and shape how we are doing.

So that’s Wellness, what about Wellbeing?

Wellbeing is our contentment, fulfillment, happiness and satisfaction with our journey toward a holistically healthy lifestyle. 

Anything that enhances or impacts our lives in one or more of these Wellness areas likely impacts our Wellbeing.

Example: My physical wellness consists of the state of a bunch of factors like rest, stress management, nutrition, activity levels, etc. My physical wellbeing is my satisfaction and happiness with my current state in this area. 

So the next time you see or hear the term Wellness, think of it as your health journey in 7 key areas and your Wellbeing as your happiness and satisfaction with that journey! 

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