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Mission & Vision

Well Worldview’s mission is to promote wellbeing harmony to people around the world and to advance a view of wellness that is simple, useful, & relatable. The vision is to empower everyone to experience optimal wellbeing on a global scale.  
Alex Charles

Alex Charles - The WellBeing...


Wellness is everywhere these days and rightfully so.  But despite it being essential to the quality of our lives, wellness and some of the people who represent it can sometimes speak in weird and inauthentic ways.  It can be commercialized.  It can be inaccessible. And it lacks diversity.  It shouldn’t be this way.  
Well Worldview was formed to address these issues by offering services designed to redefine how people view the world of wellness and their wellbeing. We can empower everyone to experience holistic, multidimensional and practical wellness to make an impact on a global scale.    

About my journey

My personal journey to focus on wellbeing began in 2012 after graduation.  I wanted to pay off my student loan debt quickly but needed a practical plan to do so.  I opened up Microsoft Excel and began documenting strategies & my progress toward better financial health.  Once I saw that was effective,  I moved on to my physical health. Then on to career.  Before I knew it I had 7+ tabs with goals and strategies that hit 7 key areas of my wellbeing and realized this is an ongoing process that is not about perfection but balance.  

Using my own experiences, and what I have learned as a Business & Technology Consultant, a mentor to young adults and now a Certified Professional Coach, I wish to bring about a worldview of wellness that helps people achieve that desire to elevate, balance and protect their wellbeing.  Please join me in making this vision a reality.

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